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Blackjack Tips

Find The Right Table
When you first walk into a casino you should walk around the Blackjack area, observing all the tables. Which tables have players who have smiles on their faces and chips in front of them? Thats a good sign. What tables contain friendly and talkative dealers? Do you prefer playing one and one against a dealer? Then find yourself a dealer which is not currently dealing to anyone and then simply ask them, "How are you treating people tonight?" You will find more often than not, that a dealer will tell you if he/she has been hot or cold or somewhere in between. Trust me, if a dealer tells you that they have been hot you should avoid them.

Don't Worry About Dumb Players
After you learn basic strategy you will find yourself cringing and possibly getting angry whenever you are on a table where someone splits their 10s or makes some other basic strategy mistake. Don't worry about it. Seriously. Sometimes a fellow player will not hit his 16 against a dealers 10 and you wind up losing on your hand because of it. Other times that same mistake will work in your favor.

Never Be Afraid
Never, ever be afraid to take your hits. You have hit your hard 16s two times in a row and lost against a dealers up card of 10? So what? Next time you get a hard 16 against a 10, hit it again. Basic strategy works in the long run. Do not ever abandon it. I often see people afraid to take their hits. They lose in the long run.

Tip The Dealer When You Are Winning
Besides being a common courtesy, tipping a dealer that is dealing you winning hands can actually help you. Tipping can turn your dealer into an ally who is willing to help you. Help how? Lets say you are distracted and motion for a hit which you really don't want. A dealer who is on your side will always hesitate and ask you if you really want that hit. Other times a dealer may see their hole card.

Don't Continue Playing At A Table You Are Losing At
This is just common sense, but many players, when confronted with a losing table, continue to play there, thinking their luck will change. Don't do it. Some dealers are simply hot and they will continue to be so. Don't let them take your money. Get up and move to another table.

Don't Make Side Bets
Some tables you may play on will have available side bets. One such side bet is to wager on whether your first two cards will total 10 or more. Side bets are always created and used by casinos because they are sucker bets which will make the casino money. Don't be suckered into doing this

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