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Craps History

Bernard de Mandeville

Mandeville's achievement was to distill the rules of Hazard into the game we know as Craps. It wasn't long before Craps caught on aboard steamboats on the Mississippi, and on to casinos and gambling houses across the country. However, the early version of Craps only offered players field and come bets, which left the game vulnerable to cheats who used fixed dice. Dicemaker John H. Winn solved this problem by developing his own version of the game, which allowed players to bet for or against the roller. Thus, fixed dice were no longer effective and the current version of Craps was born. The game proved so popular that by 1910, Craps was being played more than any other casino game.

Craps Myths

It is commonly believed that when one or both of the dice falls off the table, the next roll will be a seven. This effect could be neutralized by making the dealers give you the same dice for the next roll - which explains why you'll often here shooters at land-based casinos shouting: "Same dice!" Another popular myth is that when the dice make contact with someone's hand, that roll is sure to be a seven. Because players have often accused casinos of putting a hex on their roll by letting the dealer's hand come in contact with the dice, even casino employees must be careful. Both players and casino staff are often heard to shout: "Watch your hands!"Craps etiquette also forbids players to throw money on the table to cash in while a shooter is on a good roll - it is thought that the next roll will be a seven if the dice hit the 'new' money. Proving that men and women are treated differently even in Craps, the game's lore suggests that a woman who is rolling the dice for the first time will be a hot shooter. Because of this 'Virgin Principle," new female players attract a strong betting crowd. Conversely, male dice 'virgins' are said to be cold rollers who need to gain more experience.Superstitious players will never open a table or be the lone player at a table. This is because dice that haven't been handled enough are considered to be cold.Finally, wrong bettors are always considered bad luck - the more wrong bettors there are at a table, the more often a seven will be rolled.

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