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Craps Strategies

You don't just walk up to a craps table and begin to play. That is the main reason that craps is a "dying" gaming in the casinos. Where it once dominated the American casino, craps is now disappearing, as the players who learned the game in the back alleys of the major cities, or the barracks of the armed services get older and disappear. But for those who want the best action in a casino, craps is the only game to play.

Let's start by looking at the craps layout. Confusing, right? It's true that there are dozens of bets available to the craps player, but intelligent players will ignore a majority of those bets and concentrate on those that give you the best chance to win. So for the moment, we're going to forget about the pie-in-the-sky bets and concentrate on how to get started

Picking your table

Don't walk up to an empty game to play, because although the odds are no different at an empty table than at a full table, you won't get the flavor of the game without at least a few players. But in contrast, don't try to get into a game that is jam-packed with players, with a lot of hootin' and hollerin' because no on will want a novice who might slow up the rolls of the "hot" dice.

Pick a calm game with a few players and plenty of room to spread out. Tell the dealer you're just getting started. Most dealers who aren't too busy will take the time to walk the novice through the game, explain the different bets and the procedures. They understand that their livelihood as craps personnel depends on developing the new players.

A craps table employs three dealers at a time: two stand behind the table to accept bets and to either pay off winners or take down losers. On the other side, in the middle of the table, is the stickman, who handles the dice with a "stick" and controls the speed of the game. Sitting down opposite the stickman is the boxman, who acts like a supervisor in roulette, approving all buy-ins and large payoffs.

Here's the secret of the simplicity of craps. On the first roll of the dice-the "come out roll"-the stickman will slide five dice to a player-the "shooter"-who will then select two dice. He'll throw the dice to the opposite end of the table. The dice must hit the wall of the table to be considered a legal roll. The shooter tries to establish a number-four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. The dealers will then take a "puck" that says "off" on one side and "on" on the other side, and place it on the number rolled, "on" side up-it is always "off" on the come-out roll. The shooter will then attempt to roll that number again before he rolls a seven. And that's the entire objective of craps.

A few common strategies for the game of craps.

Wait until the craps shooter has made his point before placing bets. After the Point is made you will place two units or $12.00 on both the 6 and 8. After one hit, you will ask the craps Dealer to come down one unit on both the 6 & 8. You now have a $2.00 profit and can no longer get hurt by the Seven. In addition, you now have $12.00 working for you. After another hit, bring down all bets and wait for the craps shooter to make his/her point or 7 out, then start the process over. Remember, there are ten combined ways to make a 6 and 8 and six combined ways for a seven.

3 Point Molly
This time, you will make a Pass Line bet and two Come bets. Make a Pass Line bet. Backup your Pass Line bet with single or double odds. Make a Come Line bet. Backup each Come Bets with single or double odds (two Come bets maximum). When one of your Come Bets wins, place another Come Bets. Continue this process until the craps shooter makes his/her Point or Seven-Out. Each times you make a Come Bet you are protecting your Pass Line bets and taking advantage of a hot roller.

Anything But Seven
Don't place any bets on the Don't Pass or Pass Line, but wait until a point has been established. Place two units on 5, 6, and 8. Place one unit on the Field. This method is a little riskier than the previous craps strategies, since your total monetary risk is: $39.00. Therefore, it is suggested that you remove all bets from the craps table after three rolls.

Should the craps shooter hold the dice for at least three rolls, you will stand to win anything from $15.00-$27.00(more if the numbers 2 or 12 are rolled). The average roller rolls the dice 5 times before rolling a 7.

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