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Slots History

In 1887, Charles Fay constructed the first 'true' slot machines in San Francisco, California. His slots - called 'Liberty Bell' - were built and operated in much the same way that slot machines work today.Fay's slots were so successful that he soon found he could not produce them fast enough to meet demand.

Despite this, Fay refused all offers by major gambling manufacturers to purchase the manufacturing and distribution rights for the devices. Fay's stubbornness did not benefit him however, as Chicago manufacturer Herbert Mills introduced the 'Operator Bell,' a machine similar to Fay's, in 1907. Mills' creation spawned greater production and distribution than ever before, and by 1910 slot machines were common in the United States.Almost as soon as slot machines became widely available, stringent laws were passed to prohibit their use.

In spite of these measures, the machines remained popular right up until the famous mobster Bugsy Siegel placed slot machines in his Flamingo Hilton hotel in the late '40s. Soon revenue from the slots outpaced that of the table games.Slots have made the leap from stand-alone machines to the computer age, as the Internet has grown and become more widely used.

As in land-based casinos, slots are an integral part of most of the online casinos that are beginning to flourish. As gamblers gain more trust in online credit card transactions, and look for alternate avenues to explore their hobby, these online casinos become more and more popular.The benefits of online gambling include increased convenience - bettors can choose from hundreds of casinos in various geographic locations without leaving their living room - and ever-improving software that allows for safe transactions, more game variety and a more realistic casino environment.

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