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How To Play Caribbean Poker

This table game is played with one deck. The player has two ways of making money from this stud game. The first is similar to other table games. The player places an ante on the space provided on the table. The dealer will deal a hand of five cards to the player and a hand of five cards to himself. The final card dealt to the dealer is dealt face up so that the player can see the value of the card. At this point the player can see all five of their cards and one of the dealers. Now the player can make the descion to fold or bet. If the player chooses to fold, the hand and ante is surrendered to the dealer and a new hand begins. If the player chooses to bet, and therefore compares their hand to the dealer's hand, the player has to place the bet on the table. The bet has to be twice the value of the ante, no more, no less.

The dealer will then show the player his cards. The dealer qualifies for play if his hand is ranked with an Ace, King or higher. If the dealer doesn't have a qualifying hand and the player has bet, then the dealer pushes the player's bet and ante back plus the amount of the ante, as winnings. If the dealer has a qualifying hand and the player beats the dealer, the player wins an equal value to his ante and the bet is paid out at odds to the value of the player's hand.

The Progressive (a five-card hand that is a flush or better)

The second game that is going on inside the regular one is the progressive game. This game is an optional side game added the regular table game. This game is implemented and resolved every hand. The player makes the decision to play the progressive at the beginning of each hand. Then the benefits for getting a progressive hand are only valid if the player paid for the progressive at the beginning of that hand. The payout rates for progressive hands are fixed for the most part; when the player gets a straight flush, the progressive payout is 10% of the pot. If the player gets a royal flush, the payout is 100% of the pot.

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