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Casino Affiliate Programs Scam Alerts

There are few hundreds of online casinos at the moment which claims to offer you a very great deals. Unfortunately there are quite a few casinos currently online that regularly rip off their affiliates and their players.

If you ever cheated by a casino that is not in the list below, please let us know. We will list them here to alert other webmasters and players about the casino scam.

Below is a list of the casinos that reported to be a scam by many users and webmasters:

All Starnet Casinos
Almost all the starnet communication casinos have a reputation for false statistical reporting and non payment. Starnet aka World Gaming.

Cyber Thrills Casino
Numerous problems reported with this one. Most affiliates claim they never pay commissions due.

FirstLive Casino
Another no pay reputation.

The information above regarding the Casino Affiliate Program Scam Alerts is extracted from Casino Affiliate Porgrams

We also recommend you to check out Gambling Magazine Not Recommended & Gambling Magazine Black List for more Scam Alerts.

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